A I O these letters correspond to the exact points at which the Hexagram coincides with the Middle Pillar: Tiphereth, Daath (standing in for Binah / Saturn, and the Supernals generally), and Yesod. One may thus speculate that when one invokes the name “Iao”, one is not just invoking Tiphereth, or the Sun, but the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life itself. www.jwmt.org/v1n7/bornless.html Tiphareth, Daath, Yesod IAO, OAI AIO permuations of the ineffable name of god in Hebrew http://books.google.com/books?id=N2URCb14ShQC&pg=PA212&lpg=PA212&dq=Aeeioyo+name+of+god&source=web&ots=z0ApabaGwf&sig=rz6dWYFAqQkmev3wlnsRciFD4Qs&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=2&ct=result#PPA212,M1 --------- When the male and female which emerged from the Primal Creation had given birth to the Son or Logos, the first trinity was formed and the written name of the threefold god was expressed as three letters yielding names like IAO, JAH, IEO, JEU, ZUE. Observation of another vowel sound brought the number to four matching the four cardinal points, the square of four dimensions, and the four elements, so the holy name was spelled variously as IEOU, JOVE, ZEUS, JEVE, DIOS, (TH)EOS, HUHI, IHUH and others. http://www.adelphiasophism.com/gog/gg115.html