Greek Alphabet

Greek Alphabet The Greek Alphabet has 3 ingredients in its symbolic structuring system.
1. Vowels
The vowels Alpha and Omega define the Beginning and the End.
The 7 vowels define the 7 Planets.
The 8 Vowels define the 7 Planets + Earth.
2. Consonants
12 Consonants define the 12 Signs of the Zodiac
3. Composite Letters
5 Composite Letters define the 5 Elements
The Greek Alphabet ranges from 22 to 24 or 27 letters. There are debates about the history of these systems. One view is that Greek followed the pattern of Phoenician and Hebrew, originally had 22 letters and subsequently added 5 further letters as did Hebrew. If so then a fascination with the 5 Elements, which entails Theta, Xi, Phi, Chi, Psi, i.e. 3 letters beyond the 22 letter version, was a later development. In terms of underlying structure Greek follows a patterm of
Beginning Middle End
1 11 22 A
lpha Kappa Tau
This pattern is found in most of the early Western Alphabets with 22 letters and is also found in Sanskrit
Fry in Pantographia discusses 39 versions of Greek