sky, earth, air, water, fire

sky, earth, air, water, and fire These five sacred routes are identified with the five gross elements (sky, earth, air, water,and fire) and the five parts of the human body (head, legs, face, blood, and heart), affirming similarity of the macrocosm, the mesocosm of the sacred realm of Kashi, and the microcosm of the human body. (Singh 1993) By means of the simple act of walking through this space, the pilgrim participates in a non-verbal lesson about the symbolic structure of the cosmos and the connections between the divine and the human realms. Another pilgrimage route in Kashi incorporating cosmic symbolism is that of the 56 Vinayakas, which contains its seven spirals and eight directions of space. http://www.sasnet.lu.se/EASASpapers/46JohnMalville.pdf