Helios Mithras

Helios Mithras http://www.hermetic.com/pgm/mithras-liturgy.html Like Zoroastrism, Mithraism, is an astronomy/astrology related religion. Mithras became soon identified with the Greek Sun God, Helios, and promoted to one of the Gods of the royal Hellenistic cults, long before this Persian typology that developed as a Syrian religion moved further to the West and transmutated into a cult across the whole of the Roman Empire. http://www.academici.com/blog/5363/religion_in_late_antiquity_8.html The writings carved onto the walls of the eastern courtyard of the tumulus define the statues as: Apollon/Mithra, Helios/Hermes, Zeus/Oromasdes, Herakles/Artagnes, Ares, Tyche and finally king Antiochos himself. All statues have atractive faces idealised in late Hellenistic style. The engraved names reflect the Greek names king Mithridates gave to the Persian Gods: 1. Mithras/Apollo 2. Artagnes/Herakles 3. Oromasdes/Zeus 4. Hera/Teleia 5. Helios/Hermes http://www.academici.com/blog.aspx?bid=5363