Jnanavapi Well

Jnanavapi well The circuit has two centers, the ancient center of Kashi at Madhyameshvara and the ritual center of Kashi at the Jnanavapi well where the initiation and concluding rites for most of the yatras take place (Singh 2002). The start of the pilgrimage starts with a ritual bath at Manikarnika ghat, the great cremation ghat of Varanasi, followed by a vow to complete the pilgrimage at the Jnanavapi well, the current center of the city. The first 17 shrines are along the banks of the Ganga. This is a landscape that is rich in memories, as many generations of Hindus have followed the same pathway, visited the same shrines, watched the same sun rising through the mists, and performed darshan to the same gods and goddesses. http://www.sasnet.lu.se/EASASpapers/46JohnMalville.pdf near Visvanath Temple http://www.colorado.edu/Conferences/pilgrimage/papers99/Gutschow.html