05. Eridanus Pe-Ta-T

05. Eridanus Pe-Ta-T Peh-ta-t mouth of the river, originating from the urn of Aquarius, figured by water in Pisces http://philologos.org/__eb-mazzaroth/mizraim.htm ERIDANUS. The river of judgment. In the Zodiac of Denderah it is Peh-ta-t = the mouth of the river. The brightest star is Achernar = the after part of the river. So with the other names, going forth, flowing on (to the lower regions of the south). Daniel 7:9 -11. Psalm 97:3 -5; 50:3. Habakkuk 3:5. Isaiah 30:27 - 33. Nahum 1:5, 6. Isaiah 66:15, 16. 2 Thessalonians 1:7, 8. http://www.therain.org/appendixes/app12.html It issues forth, in all the pictures, from the down-coming foot of Orion. While others see in it, from the ignorance of fabled story, only "the River Po," or the "River Euphrates," we see in it, from the meaning of its name, and from the significance of its positon, the river of the Judge. In the Denderah Zodiac it is a river under the feet of Orion. It is named Peh-ta-t, which means the mouth of the river. It is an immense constellation. According to the Britannic catalogue, it consists of 84 stars; one of the 1st magnitude, one of the 2nd, eight of the 3rd, etc. The brightest star, a (at the mouth of the river), bears the ancient name of Achernar, which is in, as its name means, the after part of the river. The next star, b (at the source of the river), is named Cursa, which means bent down. The next, g (at the second bend in the river), is called Zourac (Arabic) flowing. Other stars are Pheat, mouth (of the river); and Ozha, the going forth. http://levendwater.org/books/witness/chap31.htm