Y - H - V - H Places

Y - H -V - H
In the Tarot the alignment is with
10         5      6             5
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
Using the symbols of Paleo Hebrew:
      Aquarius                                     Scorpio
    Taurus                                  Leo 
Cf. the Rece Boga symbolism where the Taurus - Scorpio axis has 4 yods with two reversed F forms (or Digamma signs) while the Aquarius - Leo axis has 4 Hehs with 2 reversed Gamma signs.
It is useful to see E F G as  E F Г in old Greek whereby the movement from 3 strokes, to two stroke and 1 stroke can be seen as a diminution of energy. 
The reversed F is also a Daleth in Hebraicum ante Esram and recurs in the Кабала Symbol which is said to predate the Flood.
Hence, aside from present symbolism, the letters Y H V H have a deep seated link in ancient symbolism concerning spiritual forces in the heavens.