iaieia The above Hebrew words are Kabbalistic names of angels, and are very hard to understand, and yet harder to translate. Thus for example, the letters of the word ïåîéìà Alimon, äöð ãòå êìî äåäé íìòì ìà Eel Leolam Jehovah Melech Waaed Netzach, that is, Jehovah is an eternal God! he is a victorious king to all eternity. This prince or king according to the belief of Kabbalists, is entrusted with the superintendency of all weapons and guns it the whole world, for the letters of the word Alimon, according to the signification of numbers aggregate 137, and the two small words ïééæ éìë Kle Sajin,3 under which all kinds of guns and weapons are understood, likewise contained, according to the signification of number, 137 letters, viz: http://www.esotericarchives.com/moses/67moses2.htm