4 Auspicious Directions

SHENG QI - Door of Vitality/ Life.

TIAN YI - Heavenly Doctor

YAN NIAN - Door of Longevity

FU WEI - Door of Stability

The four inauspicious directions are:

HUO HAI - Door of Misfortune, WU GUI - Door of 5 demons, LIU SHA - The Six Killings, JUE MING - Door of Death

The four key animals (and directions) used in feng-shui are the Green Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermillion Bird, and the Black Turtle. They mark the directions East, West, South, and North, respectively, as you stand facing the South. As feng-shui took hold, these directions were also interpreted as left, right, front, and back regardless of the direction the house faced. The Green Dragon is to your left, the White Tiger to your right, the Black Tortoise at your back, and the Vermillion Bird in the front.