Left Hands - Right Hands

Left Hands - Right Hands The first set of eight hands are blue in colour, second (middle) red and third (upper) yellow. The first pair of hands hold a vajra and bell crossed at the heart embracing the consort. The remaining right hands hold a sword, curved knife, trident, three arrows, vajra hook, damaru drum, hammer, wheel, spear, club and axe. The left hands hold a shield, katvanga staff, skullcup, bow, lasso, jewel, lotus, conch shell, mirror, vajra chains and the four-faced yellow head of Brahma. http://www.himalayanart.org/image.cfm/65001.html right hands hold sword, curved knife, and a trident, left hands hold a how, a vajra noose, and a nine-faceted jeweL books.google.com/books?isbn=1932476016