Vasini, Kamesvari, Modini, Vimala, Aruna, Jayini, Sarvesvari, Kaulini

She addressed the galaxy of deities and said, her hymns, composed by Vasini and other deities of speech for the well-being of the world, would bring them her favor, grace, and fulfillment of their wishes. The premier Vag Devata in the singular is Sarasvati and in the plural refers to eight devatas. Each Devata is doled out by TPS Aksharas (letters of alphabet), of which they are in charge. The presiding deities and their 51 letters of the alphabet. They are called collectively Vasini Devatas. Vasini Kamesvari Modini Vimala Aruna Jayini Sarvesvari Kaulini The Vag Devatas reside in the 7th Avarana in the centripetal direction. Avarana = anything that conceals, veils, covers, surrounds; here it means that the Devatas reside in the seventh layer of Sri Chakra. http://www.bhagavadgitausa.com/HYMNS%20OF%20SANKARA.htm