Ha - Ksha

Ha -                                               Ksha
 ह -                                                क्ष
Consciousness -                       Awareness
Vajrasattva -                                 Akshobya
5 Letters of Great Emptiness - 6 Letters of Great Emptiness
Sequence 33                               34
Gematria 100
Ha and Ksha are frequently linked with the Savarga
क्ष = Ksha is linked with Shiva in the tantric tradition of the tattvas where it occurs as tattva 35. This is called Moksha in the East, a Sanskrit word, which literally means the destruction,
ksha, (short for kshaya) of Moha (Attachment). Nirvana of the Buddhists and Moksha of the Hindus are the same. Nirvana means the extinguishing of the flame - the flame of desire.