bhUH, -bhuvaH, -svaH, -mahaH, -janaH, -tapaH, satyam

bhUH, -bhuvaH, -svaH, -mahaH, -janaH, -tapaH, satyam

Realm of Being or Food, Realm of Becoming or Breath, Realm of Illumination, Realm of Dharma, Realm of Creation or Bliss, Realm of Consciousness-Force, Realm of Absolute Truth

physical realm, vital plane and realm of becoming or breath, mental plane, sphere of cosmic mind, realm of creation or bliss, realm of consciousness-force, realm of absolute truth

OM Bhuh! - the physical realm or earth, realm of being or food

OM Bhuvah! - the vital plane or atmosphere, realm of becoming or breath

OM Suvah! - the mental plane, space or heaven, realm of illumination

OM Mahah! - the sphere of cosmic mind, realm of Dharma

OM Janah! - the realm of creation or bliss

OM Tapah! - the realm of consciousness-force

OM Satyam! - the realm of absolute truth