Alphabet and Matrikas

Matrikas and Alphabet
According to K.C. Aryan, the number of Matrikas is determined in the structure of the Devanagari alphabet. First is the (A) group which contains the vowels, then the (Ka), (Cha), (Ta), (ta), (Pa), (Ya) and (Ksha) groups. The seven mother goddesses (Saptamatrikas) correspond to the seven consonant groups; when the vocalic (A) group is added, the eight mother goddesses (Ashtamatrikas) are obtained.[91] The Shaktas hold that the Mothers preside over impurities (mala) and over sounds of the language. The Mothers were identified with fourteen vowels plus the anusarva and visarga - making their number sixteen.[92] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrikas Ka, Cha, Ta, ta, Pa, Ya, Ksha, A