Kharosthi Alphabet

Kharosthi alphabet
The Kharoshti language was introduced into Gandhara - Afghanistan and the North-west frontiers of India during the early part of the 5th century BCE as a result of Achaemenian conquests eastwards4. The language and script, it seems, became refined with time but it was ultimately overtaken by the much older language of the region, Brahmi and it became extinct by about the middle (c. 300-350 CE) of the Sassanian Dynasty (which lasted c.224 to 641 CE). It certainly differed from all other Indic scripts in that it retained the Semitic characteristic of being written from right to left.  After all it was derived from its north Semitic parent, Aramaic, like Pahlavi was.  Yet it retained the distinct Indian ways - in the use of the consonants, double consonants and the vowels.