1 - 11 - 22 - 33 Terms

1      11       22       33                   Cf. Sanskrit: 1 1 11 22 33

is a sequence of numbers especially associated with the Cabala,  mysticism, astronomy and astrology in both ithe West and the East. For instance, Julie Lee Wei has demonstrated that the 22 signs of Chinese Calendar Signs (astronomy) and the 22 letters of  Phoenician are related.

This sequence is related to alphabets with 11, 22 and 33 letters respectively. The sequence also has significance within alphabets,e.g.:

Old Arabic

have early 22 letter alphabets, which follow the sequence

                   A                                           T    
                   First Letter                              Last Letter

Cf.               Beginning          Middle            End 
                        A                       K                    T
Sequence     1                       11                   22 
Gematria      1                       20                   400          
This same combination of letters plays a fundamental role in the structuring of the Sanskrit Alphabet. In the Harvard-Kyoto transcription this sequence becomes
                    Begin of Vowels   Begin of Cons. End of Reg. Cons.
                    A                        K                     T                         P  

In the Katapyaadi Varga this leads to the sequence

                     A                       Ka                    Ta                        Pa Ya

These parallels become more striking when we examine in detail the sequence in key Sanskrit consonants:  

                     A                    K           L             T        P          H
                                           ka         la            Ta       pha      Ha  
                                           1           28           11       22       33

The number 22 defines the end of the old Greek alphabet and defines the Sanskrit word Pha which is linked with the growth of consciousness in the sense of egoity (ahamkara). Standing back to see a subset of the above we see:

                   A                                   l                        p           ha
                   A                                   l                        pha  

which is the Alpha of Alphabet (q.v.).