Primal Yod

Primal Yod Yod as the point of origin is more like a primal vibration than a clear spoken letter in human language. It is a vibration that can be heard (like the Om of the Buddhists), a primal vibration ever present. As a simple letter Yod is part of the Hebrew alphabet, and thus like the other Hebrew letters it is a manifestation of an archetype, which also can be spoken. Yod as a simple letter is a reflection of the original Yod. The way I see it, the Yod of the point of origin is unmanifest, while Yod, as a simple letter, is created in the manifested world. The point of origin Yod is the center of everything that came forth, and it is the center of cosmic existence. http://www.soul-guidance.com/houseofthesun/treeoflifeletters.htm
This Primal Yod could be compared to the Nada and Bindu of the Sanskrit tradition. The Bindu leads to A Ka Tha or A Ka Sha The Yod leads to Aleph Mem Shin Cf. A Ma Sha