Spiritual Fire

Spiritual Fire Chinese Esoteric Buddhism sees a lower zone starting from the base of the torso up to the solar plexus region. The middle zone extends from the solar plexus to the mid-brow region. The upper zone encompasses the mid-brow and above. These realms correspond to the desire, form and formless realms, respectively. In Jewish mysticism, the text called the Sefer Yetsirah (Book of Formation) indicates the elements of fire, air, and water-earth with letters of the Hebrew alphabet. These letters are visualized in the mid-brow, heart and navel areas respectively. The Christian Hermetic emblems of Robert Fludd show a similar dividing of the human body. The lower region could mean the sublunar elemental region, the sphere of the senses, the darkness of physical differentiation or the lower, impure waters. The middle region represents the astral, ethereal region, the seat of the soul and vital spirit, the mediator between upper and lower. The upper region refers to the unity of the light of human nature, the divine fire-heaven, the intellect, the subtle, spiritual fire. http://abodetao.com/cgi-bin/shop.pl/SID=1191314419.483/page=v_article4.html