Hadit Hadit is Life and the giver of Life, two principles that he manifests as the Scarlet Woman and the Beast. By qabalistic gematria Had = 10 = Iota or Yod, the secret seed or bindu. He is the Knower, and knowledge itself, the serpent whose motion precipitates life across the Abyss, the Creation or dualistic universe subject to life and death. As the begetter of world appearance, he is comparable to Hermes or Mercury in their higher sense. The Egyptians portrayed Hadit as a winged globe or sun disc, usually with erect uraeus serpents on either side. The wings show the mode of action or going forth. They convey movement upon the air or aethyr, thus introducing the idea of the life-giving breath of God or Gods (e.g. the Elohim mentioned in the opening verses of the biblical book of Genesis). The twin serpents are a symbol of dualism, the root of world appearance. They show the principle of generative power, their undulatory movement begetting time and spatial consciousness. The disc itself is identified with Ra, the sun god; it is a stellar symbol showing the cosmic nature of Hadit. In exoteric Egyptian tales, Hadit portrays the heroic conqueror of the foes of Ra the sun god. Regarded esoterically, Hadit is the fire of life (or Occult Force, Kundalini, Serpent Power). http://www.ordoastri.org/library3.htm