26                         27                        28                                                 29
800                      900                      1000                 -                          31
d.                          z.                           gh                     hamza
HM (S.45) – HM (S.48) – Q (S.50) – N (S.68)
                                                               Ă                 LA
Technically Arabic ends with Gh (letter 28), which relates to Sanskrit vowel ai.
The Prophet Mohammed is reported to have claimed that there was a 29th letter: Laam Alif(cf. Sanskrit 34: Laa)
Some versions make
Letter 28    gh
Letter 29    A or Hamza or LA

The most common Abjadi sequence is:

أ ب ج د ﻫ و ز ح ط ي ك ل م ن س ع ف ص ق ر ش ت ث خ ذ ض ظ غ ʼ b ğ d h w z ḥ ṭ y k l m n s ʻ f ṣ q r š t ṯ ḫ ḏ ḍ ẓ ġ

This is commonly vocalized as follows:

  • ʼabǧad hawwaz ḥuṭṭī kalaman saʻfaṣ qarašat ṯaḫaḏ ḍaẓaġ.