kaTa Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary m. (perhaps for {karta} fr. 3. {kRt}) a twist of straw of grass , straw mat , a screen of straw TS. S3Br. Ka1tyS3r. Mn. &c. the hip MBh. (cf. {kaTi}) ; the hollow above the hip or the loins , the hip and loins the temples of an elephant Ragh. a glance or side look BhP. x , 32 , 6 (cf. {kaTAkSa}) a throw of the dice in hazard Mr2icch. a corpse L. a hearse or any vehicle for conveying a dead body L. a burning-ground or place of sepulture L. a time or season L. excess , superabundance L. ({kaTa} ifc. is considered as a suffix cf. {ut-kaTa} , {pra-kaTa} , &c.) ; an annual plant L. grass L. Saccharum Sara L. a thin piece of wood , a plank L. agreement L. ; environs L. N. of a Rakshas R. ({I}) f. long pepper L. ({am}) n. (ifc.) dust of flowers (considered as a suffix Katy. on Pan2. 5-2 , 29). 2 kata m. Strychnos Potatorum (cf. the next) L. N. of a Rishi Pa1n2.