Aiwiyaongahana At the time the Yasna was held, the fifteen year olds of the race, whether men or women were accepted into the membership of the race by the Initiation ceremony, or what we now call the Navjot ceremony. The boy or girl was given the Kusti or Sacred Girdle to wear, which was called the Aiwiyaongahana in those days. On wearing the girdle, the boy or girl became a true member of the Mazdayasni Aryan community. He or she wore the Kusti proudly, as a symbol of righteousness and as a sign that he or she was a full-fledged member of the Aryan race. Such a person had a right to vote and speak in meetings of the race, and the boy could now be accepted for training as a warrior and Ratheshtar so that he could defend the Mazdayasni religion from enemies and his race from extinction. It was at this Yasna ceremony, about twenty thousand years ago; that Noshirwan and Havovi were accepted into the Aryan Mazdayasni fold. http://saga.zoroastrianism.com/chaptr1.html