Water Initiation

Water Initiation purifies the 5 elements in Qabala: The Astral or Water initiation, the purpose of which is to call the attention of the disciple to the gulf fixed before him, is the lowest of all save that of the initiation of Earth, which, however, is rather a basis of operations than an initiation per se. It detaches the student from earthly things only so far as his active participation in the grosser joys and carnal pleasures is concerned. It does not yet touch his mind and his craving for these things—far from it. The fire of desire only gains momentum and the fierceness of passion shows itself in all its primeval vehemence whenever one turns to Yoga in earnest and is about to pass the Water initiation as we have termed it. http://www.sacred-texts.com/eso/moq/moq07.htm