Ta Ha

Ta Ha b. The combination of two letters occurs in 10 surahs: Three of them occur only once each: (i) Surah Ta Ha chapter 20 has Ta Ha (ii) Surah Al Naml starting with chapter 27 has Ta Seen (iii) Surah Ya Seen chapter 36 has Ya Seen Ha Meem occurs in seven consecutive Surahs from Surah 40 to Surah 46: (i) Surah Ghafir or Al-Mu?min chapter 40 (ii) Surah Fussilat or Ha Meem chapter 41 (iii) Surah Al Shura chapter 42 (iv) Surah Al Zukhruf chapter 43 (v) Surah Al Dukhan chapter 44 (vi) Surah Al Jathiyah chapter 45 (vii) Surah Al Ahqaf chapter 46 http://www.hallagulla.com/urdu/islam-muslim-ummat-81/2361874-post23.html 11 20 T.H. T.H. http://www.submission.org/math-ap1.html