Yezidism The Jam is the most important Yezidi festival, held annually in Lalish, the birthplace of Adi. (The brother of Mohommaed, revered as a prophet by the Yezidis.) http://altreligion.about.com/library/glossary/bldefjam.htm At the top of this heirachy is the Yezidi Prince, the “Mîr.” Just below him is the Baba Shiekh, the Yezidi “Pope,” and under him are the priest classes composed of Faqirs, Qewels and Kocheks. All these hierarchal positions are taken from two of the three main Yezidi castes, the Shiekhs and Pirs, while the majority of Yezidis are drawn from the caste of Murids, meaning “commoners.” http://www.yeziditruth.org/yezidi_religious_tradition
The Yezidi emigrated from India to Afghanistan, and from Afghanistan into Iran and, lived in Iraq, and in Syria. In Iraq we started to call ourselves "Yezidi". Before then we were "the people of Malek Tavous". Yezidi history dates back 5,000 years. the Kurds began to form as a nation only in the 10th or 12th century. The Kurds are nomadic people living in mountainous regions.
The Yezidis are one of the oldest nations. From reliable sources their ancestors came from India More exactly Bombay.