4 Half-Quarter Days

4 Half Quarter Days 2 February, 9 May, 11 August, 11 November Less commonly, reference was made to "half-quarter days", namely Candlemas (2 February), 9 May, 11 August and Martinmas (11 November)[25], though in some instances Whitsuntide is taken as "the first of the four cross-quarter days of the year"[26]. Whitsunday, or the Feast of Pentecost, was traditionally celebrated in England on the fiftieth day after Easter, and was therefore a movable feast for the purposes of the Act[27]. In Scotland, where the usual "quarter-days" were Candlemas (2 February), Whitsunday, Lamass (1 August) and Martinmas (11 November), this problem was addressed by adopting a nominal "Whitsun Day" for secular purposes, falling on 15 May in each year, which was dissociated from the church feast[28]. http://www.lexscripta.com/articles/calendar.html Candlemas, May Day, Lammas, All Hallows 2 February, 1 May, 1 August, 1 November The cross-quarter days are four holidays falling in between the quarter days: Candlemas, May Day (1 May), Lammas, and All Hallows (1 November). The Scottish term days, which fulfil a similar role as days on which rents are paid, correspond more nearly to the cross-quarter days than to the English quarter days. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quarter_days