4 Thanksgivings

4 Thanksgivings Later, a fourth week of thanksgiving was added in the spring, when it is but natural for man to thank God for the awakening of nature, the budding of the first flowers, and the lengthened hours of daylight. Thus there was a portion to each season of the year a week of thanksgiving for the gifts of nature with which God has so generously enriched the world: 1. In spring, during the week after Ash Wednesday, to give thanks for the rebirth of nature and for the gift of light. http://familyfeastandferia.wordpress.com/ember-and-rogation-days/ember-days-by-rev-bernard-strasser-osb/ Awakening of Nature, Wheat Crop, Grape Harvest, Olive Crop Week after Ash Wadnesday, Octave of Pentecost, Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Feast of Saint Lucy February/March, 14 May, 14 September, 13 December