Rondzu The Bayaderes, or Nautckees, the dancing- girls of Benares, are carefully chosen for their beauty, when very young, to become the priestesses of the god Rondzu. Their profession is to dance before the images of the god of 1 08 faces. A Hindu may devote any one of his daughters to the god, but it is usual to devote the fifth daughter in a family. The Devadassis, as they are called, are then decorated with a jewel of gold inset with the 108 faces of their god, to whom they are mystically given in marriage. The string which holds it is stained with saffron as a tribute to the goddess Lakme, or Joy, for their dance signifies a prayer of Love. }~ http://www.archive.org/stream/dancingancientmo00urli/dancingancientmo00urli_djvu.txt