18 Breaths

18 Breaths
Pythagorean System 
18 breaths                                                              = 1 minute 
18 x 60 minutes  = 1080 breaths                       = 1 hour
18 x 60  minutes x 12 hours = 12,960 breaths = 12 hours
18 x 60  minutes x 24 hours = 25,920 breaths = 1 day  
This means a person has the same number of breaths in a day as the number of years in one precession of the equinoxes.
Hebrew Tradition
There are 17+1 breaths, where the first six are for balancing the polarity, the next seven for proper pranic flow through the entire body. The further breaths are for shifting the consciousness from 3rd to 4th dimension and finally the last three breaths is for re-creating the rotating Merkabah within and around the body. The last breath is not taught. Once each day, enter into this meditation, until the time comes when you are a conscious breather, remembering with each breath your intimate connection with God. http://www.crystalinks.com/merkaba.html