10 Days

10 Days 1,728,000 Seconds = 28,800 Minutes = 480 hours = 20 Days 1,296,000 Seconds = 21,600 Minutes = 360 Hours = 15 Days 864,000 Seconds =14,400 Minutes = 240 Hours = 10 Days 432,000 Seconds = 7,200 Minutes = 120 Hours = 5 Days

The Shang people believed that there were ten suns, each of which appeared in order in a ten-day cycle (旬; xún). The Heavenly Stems were the names of the ten suns, which may have designated world ages as did the Five Suns and the Six Ages of the World of Saint Augustine. They were found in the given names of the kings of the Shang. Some historians think the ruling class of the Shang had ten clans, but it is not clear whether their society reflected the myth or vice versa. The associations with Yin-Yang and the Five Elements developed later, after the collapse of the Shang Dynasty.