1 Yuga

1 Yuga For a Yaga (Offering) to be successful, the Kala (Instant of Time) must be Siva (Auspicious), and the vedic calendar is a Yoga (Means) for calculating those auspicious moments. Kalyuga (Kalayuga) is Counting a Couple, a Pair of (30 month) Periods; and it is Counting Conjunctions, a Yoga (Union) that reckons the Yuga and regulates the Kala of Yaga. 1 Yuga = 62 lunar Months = 1830 Days = 5 solar Years A full cycle of 360 degrees includes 72 angles (or Angels) of Five degrees; and a Yuga of 60 lunar cycles must include 432 such units. 1 Yuga = 432 Yoga Since Yuga (more widely) indicates an Age or Era, it is cognate with Millennium, and in later times came also to mean a era of 1,000 years. And subsequent confusion of the concepts led to the notion that an Age must last for 432,000 years. http://www.geocities.com/sarabhanga/yuga.html In another interpretation: 1 Yuga = 157,79,17,560 Civil Days = Sidereal Days