432,000 Years, 4,320,000 Years, 4,320,000,000 Years

432,000 4,320,000 4,320,000,000 432,000 Years 4,320,000 Years 4,320,000,000 Years 1 Kali Yuga 1 Yuga Cycle 1 Cycle of Existence (Kalpa, Pralaya) Many people including Indian astronomers such as Aryabhata, Brahmagupta and Bhaskaracharya, as also experts outside India such as Whitney, Burgess, Bentley, etc. believe that one Kaliyuga, is of 432,000 years, one Mahayuga is ten times this as much (4,320,000 years) and one Kalpa is a thousand times Kaliyuga (4,320,000,000 years). Many knowledgeable people just do not accept these large numbers and reject such astronomy. Cited from Website R.R. Karnik