21,600 Years

21,600 Years The least count used in Surya siddhanta for general computations is one kala or minute of the arc of which there are 21,600 in the whole circle. If one has to specify the movement of planetary element to the accuracy of one kala in a year a period of 21,600 years will have to be taken. This is the period of a mahayuga and its tenth part which is 2160 years is the period of kaliyuga. ... The accuracy of one kala in a year is not adequate. To therefore obtain an accuracy of one two-hundredth of a kala in a year, a period that is 200 times 21,600, that is, 4,320,000 years is necessary. The first number of 21,600 years is the real time and the other number of 4,320,000 years taken for a mahaytuga is the frame-time or the non-real time. ... http://www.geocities.com/kvforp/VK1/Review_NPRamadurais_work.html