2,160 Years, 4,320 Years, 6,480 Years, 8,640 Years

2,160 Years, 4,320 Years, 6,480 Years, 8,640 Years Some people believe that these huge number of years correspond to an L.C.M. of the periods of revolution of the planets around the sun. There have been attempts in Vedanga Jyotisha, where a period of five years has been used and by Varahamihira in Romaka Siddhanta using 2,850 years. Cicero gives 12,954 years in the thirty-fifth fragment of Hortensius by the name of Magnun Annum. Neither of these numbers can divide 4,32,000. In fact no number however large can give an integer multiple of the number of years required. The answer is simple and elementary. The least count used in Surya Siddhanta for general computations is one Kala or minute of the arc of which there are 21,600 in the whole circle. If one has to specify the movememnt of planetary element to the accuracy of one Kala in a year a period of 21,600 years will have to be taken. This is the period of a Mahayuga and its tenth part which is 2,160 years is the period of Kaliyuga. Dwaparyuga is twice this or 4,320 years, Tretayuga is thrice this or 6,480 years and Krutayuga is four times this or 8,640 years, all four totaling up to 21,600 years. Cited from Website R.R. Karnik 2,160 Years, 4,320 Years, 6,480 Years, 8,640 Years a 72 1080 2160 4320 8640 12860 25920