Please choose a Mode

Please choose a Mode When we reach Advanced Level the system now asks us to Please Choose a Mode. In the Line above the Choices Box we now see: See Path Look Up Study Research Up-Back When we choose a Mode our choice remains highlighted: See Path Look Up Study Research Up-Back If we choose Look Up the Status Line becomes: See Path Advanced Look Up Up-Back If we choose Study the Status Line becomes See Path Study Up-Back If we choose Research the Status line becomes See Path Research Up-Back For the moment there will be only one level within Study and Research. The three modes are linked with three veriosn of the Levels List. In terms of the internal System we thus have the following: Look Up Study Research 1 01 001 If we choose Study mode the original list becomes: 01. Terms 02. Definitions 03. Explanations 04. Titles 05. Partial Contents 06. Full Contents 07. Internal Analyses 08. External Analyses 09. Restorations 010. Reconstructions If we choose Research the list becomes: 001. Terms 002. Definitions 003. Explanations 004. Titles 005. Partial Contents 006. Full Contents 007. Internal Analyses 008. External Analyses 009. Restorations 0010. Reconstructions This numbering thus offers continuity while also providing a subtle reminder of our current level in the system.