Rules for Titles in Choices Box

Rules for Titles Presentation of Titles in SUMS depending on the age of the media. For the moment three basic formats are recognized: 1) Modern Books since 1900 Modern books almost always have a standard title and sometimes only a standard title. In ushc cases we can follow the format used In the CD ROM on New Media, e.g. Marshall McLuhan: 1. All Media 2. Books 3. Dissertations 4. Journals 5. Internet All Media provides a lsit of everything McLuhan wrote, published. The system then checks the headings of the book types and lists only those in which McLuhan was actually productive: in this case Books Dissertations, Journals, Internet. If we cllick on Books we get a list of All Books by McLuhan and the menu in the Choices box alters slightly: 1. All Media 2. Books 3. Standard Title 4. Editions 5. Languages All Media takes us back to everything he produced. Books takes us back to all his books Standard Title gives a subset of Books for which a Standard Title exists. Languages lists the languages in which his books appear. Editions gives a list by the Year Place of Publication Language and Edition 2) Books between 1700-1900 In these cases variant titles are more important so it is instructive to add one more element: 1. All Media 2. Books 3. Standard Title 4. Editions 5. Languages 6. Variant Titles 3) Rare Books prior to 1700 and especially prior to 1500 Early books typically began as manuscripts and prior to gutenberg in the 1450s all books in the West were manuscripts. Hence all such cases will follow a format nearly identical to that of the Perspective Knowledge Package. So one further element, Manuscripts is added. If the system finds no manuscripts in the titles for a term or author, manuscripts can be omitted. 1. All Media 2. Books 3. Standard Title 4. Manuscripts 5. Editions 6. Translations 7. Variant Titles 8. Bibliographies The last choice in this list reflects a special feature of the Perspective Knowledge Package. This bibliography lists and links with the titles of all previous bibliographies in which a work appeared such that we can trace the historical awareness about any particular edition.