sUrya, Sakti, vishNu, gaNeSa, Siva

sUrya, Sakti, vishNu, gaNeSa, Siva In certain orthodox traditions the five divinities of the main tradition are all worshipped together through a sophisticated ritual called, pancAyatana pUjA, meaning worship at five altars. Here the divinities are worshipped not in their human-like forms but in certain symbols in the form of stones, which are nothing but certain rock formations available in specified locations in India. In this scheme of things, gaNeSa is the red somabhadra stone found in the bed of the river Sone flowing into the Ganges. Cited from Website Beach 1. As the site adds this pantheon of 5 often has an additional son: subrahmaNya and this becomes 6 gods: sUrya, Sakti, vishNu, gaNeSa, subrahmaNya, Siva