vanya Cologne Sanksrit Dictionary: mf({A})n. growing or produced or existing in a forest , wild , savage VS. &c. &c. ; greenish (?) AV. vi , 2 ; being or existing in woods (said of Agni) TS. ; made of wood , wooden RV. ; m. a wild animal R. VarBr2S. ; a wild plant R. ; N. of partic. wild plants (= Arundo Bengalensis ; %{varAhI-kanda} ; {vana-zUraNa}) L. ; a Buddhist novice Gal. ; ({A}) f. a multitude of groves , large forest L. ; abundance of water , a flood , deluge Kr2ishis. ; N. of various plants (Physalis Flexuosa ; Abrus Precatorius ; a kind of Curcuma ; a kind of gourd or cucumber ; a kind of Cyperus ; dill) L. ; n. anything grown in a wood the fruit or roots of wild plants MBh. R. &c. ; = %{tvaca} L. (cf. also %{cakSur-v-} and %{a-jIta-punar-vaNya}).