Kinds of Entities

Kinds of Entity SBO Entity This term has no parent. Children SBO:0000236 entity (is a) SBO:0000231 interaction (is a) SBO:0000064 mathematical expression (is a) SBO:0000004 modelling framework (is a) SBO:0000003 participant role (is a) SBO:0000002 quantitative parameter (is a) SBO:0000235 (obsolete) participant (is a) History [+] Parent(s) SBO:0000000 sbo term (is a) Children SBO:0000241 functional entity (is a) SBO:0000409 interaction outcome (is a) SBO:0000240 material entity (is a) History [+] http://www.ebi.ac.uk/sbo/main/displayTree.do