Vasillyovden Celebrating their name day are those whose name is one of the following: Vassil, Vassilka, Vesselin, Vessela, Vesselina. On the Day of Vassil, Bulgarians put inside each slice of the banitsa small cornel tree branches with different number of buds on them, as a lucky sign for the people sharing the meal. The branches are said to bring good fortune, health, success or happy occasions. http://12121.hostinguk.com/vassilyovden.htm Sourvaki”, “Souroka”, “Vassilitza” or “Sourozdru http://www.plovdivguide.com/traditions/1/trad.php?id=477&lang_id=1&alpha=
Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary
cf. suraka mfn. = {surA-prakAra} , {surA-varNa} (applied to a snake) g. {sthUlA7di}.
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