Ivana Kupala

Ivana Kupala they combined the festival of the pagan god Kupalo with the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist (July 6th, Julian Calendar) and called it "Ivana Kupala." Even the name itself indicates the merging of cultures. Ivan is the Slavic version of the name John, meaning John the Baptist, and Kupala comes from the name of an ancient pagan idol from the forest. In pagan times this was a holiday for young, unmarried girls. They would gather wild flowers, weave them into wreaths and send them afloat into the river. The young men would then catch the floating wreaths and find the creator. Each lad would then find his gal and then place the wreath on her head to show his affection for her. After that, they would walk in the woods and get to know each other. If they took a liking to each other, they would marry. http://solodka.multiply.com/journal/item/23/About_the_Eve_of_Ivana_Kupala_-_July_6