Jarilo Jarilo - Morena Jarilo (Cyrillic: Ярило or Јарило; Polish: Jaryło; Serbo-Croatian: Jura, Juraj or Đorđe), alternatively Yarilo, Iarilo, Jarovit or Gerovit, was a major male Proto-Slavic deity of vegetation, fertility and spring, also associated with war and harvest. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jarilo Đorđe Djordјe Iarilo Jarilo - God of spring fertility, represented as a young man dressed in white with a wheat wreath on his head, wheat ears in his right hand and a human head in his left hand. Christianity associates him with Saint George http://lilithgate.atspace.org/articles/pantheon.html
Jarilo, Ярило, Јарило, Jaryło, Jura, Juraj, Đorđe, Jarovit, Yarilo, Iarilo, Gerovit