Sirni Zagovezni

Sirni Zagovezni In olden days, most typical of Sirni Zagovezni was the building of large bonfires in the hills surrounding towns and villages; either one communal bonfire, or each of the individual neighborhoods made their own. The fires would be built in higher areas, for it was believed that no hailstorm would strike the places lit up by them. Young and old would gather round the bonfire where they apologized to each other, to forgive and forget the small wrongs and old quarrels in the name of friendliness and understanding. http://www.visittobulgaria.com/FAQ/Dir.asp?pg=2&d=faq-traditions In some parts of the country the young men would fling burning wooden arrows with special devices made for the purpose. This was done from the surrounding hilltops, for the arrows had to fall exactly in the yards they were directed at. The training for this would start on January 18, the Day of St Athanasius (Father of Orthodoxy). Each arrow was dedicated to someone, be it father, mother, or sweetheart. It would be mostly to young ladies who waited in the yards with pots full of water at hand, for the arrows were a sign of love. The girl who collected the largest number of arrows was considered to be the most beautiful and desirable young lady in the village. http://www.abvg.net/Traditions/Sirni_Zagovezni/Sirni_Zagovezni.html