Fern of Eternal Happiness

Fern of Eternal Happiness

The Custom of the Fern Flower.Bracken fern

First, the girl must carry a stick from a rowan tree, and just before midnight the couple find a likely patch of ferns. She scratches a big circle round them with the stick and the pair stay safe inside. Any bad spirits that are fleeing the light of the fires can’t enter the circle – but you will know that of course Missy eh!
At twelve precisely they search for a fern blossom – and if they have absolutely no fear, one flower might appear in the ring of leaves. This is a magic bloom now Fairy – they’re not likely to find it you understand?
If by some remote chance they do though, it’ll bring wealth and eternal happiness to them both.

Hmm – and if  they bring the flower out of the woods and keep it a deep, deep secret – telling no-one – then  they’d be able to discover treasures and understand the speech of all animals.