Veda Slovena

Veda Slovena In 1874, the two volumes of the Veda Slovena ("Bulgarian folk songs of the pre-historical and pre-Christian age") compiled by Stephen Verkovitch, were published, creating a controversy about its authenticity that still rages today. The songs were collected from remote Pomak (Bulgarian Muslim) communities in the Rhodopi mountains and contained not only legends about the origins of the plough, the sickle, the boat, wheat and wine, but a complete structured cosmogony including the Indian god Vishnu, the Thracian Orpheus and the Trojan War. Many of the tales are undoubtedly genuine, but the balance of current opinion is that the overall work is probably a fake, although an artistic work in its own right. http://www.spellintime.fsnet.co.uk/Folklore_Section_Oral_Tradition.htm