Mihrigan, the festival of the solar god Mithras in the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East Mihrigan the day sun created and man and woman created from first human being..... Newroz Mihrigan Spring Winter ..... Another item which exists in Zoroastrians belief and which is crucial for the subject of this study is the struggle between the dragon Azydahak and Thraetaona. It is thought that this story is the base for the myth, about the struggle between King Dahhak, having snakes on shoulders, and blacksmith Kawa, helping him, in Sehname.50 In Zoroastrians belief, Thraetaona’s victory over Azydahak (Dahhak in ehname) happened on the day of Mihrigan, not on the day of Newroz (Eghbal and Mooney, 1996).51..... http://etd.lib.metu.edu.tr/upload/12606923/index.pdf