Adra Adra/Atra/Odra/Otra: It is a name in Luwian and other similar consecutive Anatolian languages of 1000 BC and in Pelasgos language. Adra means ?man, husband?. Adra is the name of the husband of ?mother Goddess? and of head of the gods (Umar, 1993: p.18).>> In the Old Testament (II Kings, XVII 31), it is told that people of Sefervaim who are exiled to Palestine by Sargon (Asyrrian King) also had believed in a Goddess and God whose names were Anammelekekh (angel Ana) and Adrammelekh (angel Adra) (Umar, 1993: p.18). >> http://www.allempires.net/forum_posts.asp?TID=6099&PN=5