Miracle of Holy Light

Miracle of Holy Light on Pascha. All accounts testify as follows. In Jerusalem each year, on the night of Pascha, the Patriarch enters the Holy Sepulchre without candle or matches. And light, descending from Heaven, miraculously appears in the Holy Sepulchre and all over the Church of the Resurrection. There are many accounts which describe how this holy Light of Pascha even miraculously ignites the candles held in the hands of the some of the Faithful. Suddenly, from the holy Sepulchre, the Patriarch emerges, holding aloft in each hand, flaming torches (candles bundled together), afire with holy light. The Faithful surge forward en masse, to receive the Light from the hands of the Patriarch. They fervently pass it to one another. Runners from parishes all over the Holy Land are sent to Jerusalem to await this Holy Light. They guard the light in special lanterns and speed to their village churches so that there too, the Resurrection might be celebrated with the Holy Light of Golgotha. http://www.saintelias.com/ca/feastday/pascha.php