Belobog - Chernobog

Belobog - Chernobog
It is particularly interesting that the two opposite hills sometimes called name one black and the other named white god: the Chernik and Belboh in Czechia, and Čorneboh and Bileboh near Budyšin in Saxony (Niederle, 1 s)...

One Lusatian-Serbian myth speaks of origin of Viola(flower): "Once upon a time, Crnobog lived on a hill near Budyšin, which Hill even today bears his name Chorni boh (not far from this hill is a small hill Bely boh). There is He lived in a beautiful palace, and people sacrificed him bloody sacrifices. He had extraordinarily beautiful daughter that is loved by all. Here Crnobog had long and happy reign. But when Christianity take advance, then he and his palace fainted; only his beautiful daughter becomes violet, which every year on May 1st, again arise as the beautiful woman".

[Belobog] - together with [Chernobogom] - gods are the creators of the appeared peace. [Belobog] is considered the god of success and happiness. Myth about the creation of peace. Island brawler appears in the Slav mythology first as certain abstract principle (sacral center of peace), then as the symbol of the appeared peace generally (left the depths protoplastic chaos ([Navi], nonexistence, hard times), personified by boundless [Okiyan]- sea), as embodiment of Earth itself, then as the symbol of ancient polar continent - mythological and legendary original homeland of ancient [ariev] (when in the text it is emphasized the white color of island) and so forth each such myth or separate mythological subject it, correspondingly, has its specific character in picturesqueness and in the symbolism, that are dispersed in the components with picturesqueness and symbolism of other (analogous, but relating to another semantic level) myths and mythological subjects.