50 yojanas - 49 yojanas

fifty yojanas forty-nine yojanas Suriya - Chanda When the sun set, darkness again pervaded, and the human again wished for another source of light. In accord with their ardent wish the moon, forty-nine yojanas in circumference, appeared in the sky. Since the moon appeared to satisfy the wishes of the inhabitants of the earth, they call it Chanda from which, the name Canda is derived. Together with Canda (the moon) stars and planets also appeared. This appearance of heavenly bodies coincided with the full waning of the month of Tabaung, phagguna according to the calendar of Majhimadesa. Therefore people still that the first moon of this world cycle waxes on the first day of Tagu, citta. http://www.geocities.com/ekchew.geo/AbhidhammaC11.html